How YOU can help stop the spread.


From shaking hands, and physical contact with others.


Hand sanitizer, and sanitizing products to help keep areas clean!

Wear a mask!

If you do have to be out in public, please wear a mask!

Visit Virtually

Meeting with Friends? Speaking with relatives? Technology is a great way to keep up with friends and family!


If your job allows for remote attendance, take advantage of it! Work from home as much as possible!

Feeling Bad?

Covid-19 has multiple symptoms, sometimes they can go unnoticed. Feeling rough? Keep track of your symptoms, and get tested!


A very common Covid-19 symptom is a rising temperature, be sure to monitor your temperature if you're feeling bad!


Working together, we can beat this virus. Doing your part is most important! Everyone has a job to do!

Created with love by: Josh Dillon